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No. 2, Xiaoguanqiao Road, Jiangyang Industrial Park, Yangzhou

Yangzhou Jintao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. 

Yangzhou Jintao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou Jiangyang Industrial Park, and is a professional manufacturing enterprise of large acid-making production equipment and chemical environmental protection equipment. With the powerful technical strength of developing new process and new equipment, the company has formed the core competitiveness with the proprietary intellectual property rights. In 2004, the company passed the certification of IS09001 Quality Management System. The company’s acid-making types, with the general contracting mode of design and construction, include:
1. Pyrite acid-making/pyrrhotite process complete project;
2. Zinc concentrate roasting acid-making complete project;
3. Gold concentrate acid-making complete project;
4. Sulfur acid-making complete project;
5. Molybdenum smelting fume acid-making project (unsteady-state conversion, conversion rate 93%~95%);
6. Smelting fume acid-making complete project;
7. Hydrogen sulfide acid-making complete project.
Our main products and businesses include:
1. Design, modification, manufacturing and installation of the complete projects, such as process, equipment, electric engineering, auto control instrument, etc. of 10000-400000 tons/year pyrite, gypsum, sulphur, hydrogen sulfide and smelting fume acid-making;
2. The treatment projects of SO2 fumes from sulphuric acid production, boiler, etc.; dry desulphurization, wet desulphurization, ammonia desulphurization and alkali desulphurization;
3. Design, manufacturing and installation of the augmented products of sulphuric acid production, such as liquid sulfur dioxide, chlorosulfonic acid, sodium sulfite, ammonium sulfite, etc.
4. High-efficient, high flow rate lead, plastics, and FRP electric demister; 37-330 tube and 40 specifications and models, product seriation; available for 10000-400000 tons/year sulphuric acid manufacturers;
5. Lead indirect condenser, 50-1150m², 24 specifications and models.
6. Manufacture and install various powder conveying equipment, such as bucket elevator, belt conveyer, star ash valve, immersed drum slag extractor, drum slag extractor, high-efficient energy-saving type “tubular slag cooling coal economizer”, etc.
7. Develop frameless floor new-type plastic electric demister, high-efficient heat exchanger, and new-type venturi.
With the tenet of “guaranteeing quality with management, winning market with service, keeping the leading position with innovation, and promoting the development with pioneering spirit”, the company is desired to cooperate with you for common development.