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The role of wet electrostatic precipitators for industrial pollution sources

The role of wet electrostatic precipitators for industrial pollution sources

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2019/10/26 09:21
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At present, China's industrial development is getting faster and faster, leading to worsening environmental conditions. Atmospheric governance is a very difficult problem, and smog is also prominent. The main cause of air pollution is that industrial emissions of pollutants exceed the standard. In order to solve the problem of air pollution, it is necessary to control the emission of atmospheric pollutants from the source. It is also difficult to completely stop the operation of the factory. So there is a wet electrostatic precipitator.
Wet electrostatic precipitators can effectively control industrial pollution sources, domestic pollution sources, various powder storage sites, agricultural pollution sources, etc., mainly to control the emission of precursor pollutants. Among them, industrial pollution sources are the most important, including thermal power, steel, building materials, chemicals, oil refining, non-ferrous metallurgy, various boilers and kiln, various waste incineration devices, various surface spraying devices.
According to the research data in 2005, PM2.5 directly discharged from coal-fired power plants accounts for about 10% of the national PM2.5 emissions, plus secondary particulate matter produced by coal-fired power plants. PM2.5 emissions from coal-fired power plants account for PM2. 5 ratio will be even higher.
The wet electrostatic precipitator is a high-voltage electrostatic precipitator for treating humid gases. It is mainly used to remove harmful substances such as dust, acid mist, water droplets, aerosols, odors and PM2.5 in wet gases. Ideal for atmospheric dust pollution. The wet electrostatic demister has a good flexural modulus, which completely solves the defects of perishable metal and non-twisting elasticity of the metal steel pipe. It also overcomes the shortage of plastic tube aging and poor impact resistance; the FRP cable protection tube has good water resistance. It can be used for long-term use in wet or water; FRP cable protection tube is specially designed to resist the erosion of many chemical fluids such as acid, alkali, salt, untreated sewage, corrosive soil and groundwater.
The effect of wet electrostatic precipitator in the treatment of PM2.5 is unanimously recognized by the industry. The electric demisting equipment also meets the requirements of ultra-low emission in protecting the environment. The Ministry of Environmental Protection clearly stated in the "Technical Policy for Prevention and Control of Environmental Air Fine Particles Pollution (Trial)" (Draft for Comment): Encourage thermal power enterprises to adopt new technologies such as wet electrostatic precipitator to prevent "gypsum rain" pollution caused by desulfurization.
As an advanced flue gas treatment technology, electrostatic precipitator technology has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and has achieved good results. Wet electrostatic precipitators play an indispensable role in the protection and development of the environment.