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What is the current status of the purification equipment in China's sulfuric acid plants in recent years?

What is the current status of the purification equipment in China's sulfuric acid plants in recent years?

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2019/10/26 09:20
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The main use of the sulphuric acid plant purification section is to filter and select dust, because the use of bag filters is extremely extensive. What is the current status of the bag filter in China in recent years?
In fact, the type of bag filter is incomparably more, and each different type has this different function and characteristics. However, the demand for bag-type dust collectors in China is large, and the dust-removing filter material is also comparable. Good, especially the low temperature resistant fiber filter material, has a relatively broad development prospect, and is widely used throughout the market.
In the past two years, under the plan of the 12th Five-Year Plan, we have put forward a request for the scope of conditional cover, and put forward a higher request, and gas, water, sound, slag, etc. will be used by the force point to filter. Going in the data, because the whole process of filtering data and the future of stagnation is extremely optimistic. However, it is in the management area of ​​the entire flue gas, and the sulfuric acid equipment roasting section, due to its high dust removal frequency, focuses on the fact that it will not form a secondary purification, which is easier to recycle than dry materials, because it is used internationally in China. It still lost the relatively broad implementation, accounting for 80% of the entire dust removal facility. As China's entire light industry is still relatively prosperous, because many villages are moving towards light industrial cities, because of the formation of significant air purification. However, due to the increasing demand for environmental protection, the development of bag filters is still very good.
The understanding of sulfuric acid plant converters is not comprehensive. Environmental protection equipment shall also include power equipment for transporting pollutant-containing fluid substances, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, etc.; and also include monitoring and control instrumentation instruments that ensure the normal operation of pollution prevention facilities, such as testing instruments, pressure gauges, flow monitoring devices, etc. . Environmental governance is an urgent task, and we should pay more attention to environmental protection. Environmental protection equipment should include complete sets of equipment: such as air purifiers, sewage treatment equipment, ozone generators, industrial oxygen generators, etc. Equipment that can be used to manage the environment in industry or at home.
The dry suction section of the sulfuric acid equipment refers to the mechanical products, structures and systems manufactured and constructed by the production unit or the building installation unit for controlling environmental pollution and environmentally friendly activated carbon in the conversion section of the sulfuric acid equipment. Some people think that environmental protection equipment refers to mechanical processing products that control environmental pollution, such as dust collectors, welding smoke purifiers, single water treatment equipment, noise controllers, etc.