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Learn about the important parts of the sulfuric acid plant purification equipment

Learn about the important parts of the sulfuric acid plant purification equipment

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2019/10/26 09:18
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From the current desulfurization market in China, the limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization process for desulfurization has been widely used due to its mature technology, high desulfurization efficiency, low price, wide source of absorbent, and recycling and reuse of by-products. A wide range of methods for power plant flue gas desulfurization.
Simply put, it is to control the components, eliminate fire extinguishing, eliminate static electricity, equipment grounding, monitor explosion-proof, fire extinguishing and explosion. Corrosive gas. In the flue gas purification system, the corrosive effect on the bag filter is mainly gas and dust, such as sulfuric acid gas formed by the presence of sulfur molecules in coal or heavy oil fuel, or dust generated by various salts when it is in contact with water. .
Corrosion in flue gas cleaning occurs when the flue gas temperature is below the dew point. To ensure that the system flue gas is operating above the dew point temperature. In the selection of filter materials, the corresponding filter materials should be used according to the characteristics of corrosive substances generated by flue gas. For the corrosion system with serious corrosion and high requirements, important parts of sulfuric acid equipment should be made of stainless steel or painted with anti-corrosion coating.
The baghouse deduster alkylation waste acid cracking equipment is currently capable of treating flue gases below 300 degrees Celsius, and above this temperature the flue gas should be pre-cooled. In special cases, the bag filter can directly process high temperature flue gas of 450-550 degrees Celsius using metal fiber filter material.
At present, the use of bag filter to treat flue gas generated by high-temperature kiln such as steam boiler, cement kiln, metallurgical furnace, incinerator, etc. has become more and more popular. Although it is limited by the temperature resistance of the filter material, it is properly treated by the system flue gas. The bag filter has been able to handle high temperature flue gas with temperatures up to 1200-1400 degrees Celsius. Adhesive dust. The bag filter can treat the adhesive dust by adsorption, that is, the appropriate amount of porous powder is mixed into the system pipe, and the powder is used to adsorb the adhesive dust, and then the belt dust collector is used for purification treatment.