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Environmental protection emphasizes that wet electrostatic precipitators are widely used

Environmental protection emphasizes that wet electrostatic precipitators are widely used

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2019/10/21 11:22
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Judging from the sources of air pollution in China, according to relevant research by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the main sources of air pollution in China can be divided into productive pollution, domestic pollution and transportation pollution, among which production pollution is large. In the case of productive pollution, atmospheric pollution is also serious in thermal power plants, steel plants, petrochemical plants, and cement plants.
Therefore, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection by the state and the increasing efforts to control air pollution, we believe that the demand for dust removal equipment in key air pollution industries will continue to increase, and bag dust removal equipment will fully benefit from market demand. growth of!
From the application of the electrostatic precipitator, according to the “2013-2017 China Dust Removal Equipment Manufacturing Industry Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report” released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, in the United States, the current bag boiler dust control field in the field of boiler dust removal With a share of more than 40%, more than 90% of the large dry-process cement kiln uses bag filters; in Europe, bag-type dust collectors account for nearly 50% of power plant boilers; in Australia, more than 80% of thermal power plants currently Both use bag dust removal. In China, the market share of bag filters in steel and non-ferrous industries has reached more than 90%, and the market share in the cement industry has reached more than 80%.
The slurry flows at high speed in the pump, and the erosion of the inner surface of the pump casing is also very large. The wall thickness of the pump casing is often thinned and worn. When the pump casing is thinned, the slurry return flow after the work of the impeller increases correspondingly, the total amount of slurry circulation decreases, the pressure head naturally fails to reach the height it should have, the absorption effect becomes worse, the output cannot reach the rated value, and the desulfurization is caused. The efficiency continues to decrease, affecting the efficiency of the desulfurization system.
Solution: When the slurry circulation impeller and the pump casing are seriously worn, the current of the slurry circulation pump is reduced, the output is reduced, and the circulation is reduced. At this time, the operation should be stopped, and the pump impeller and the pump casing are specially protected. Grinding, when the anti-wear work is processed and cured, it can be put into operation here. When the impeller wears seriously, the new impeller can be replaced according to the operation cycle (Fig. 3 Laicheng Power Plant #3 desulfurization system Laicheng Power Plant #3 desulfurization system slurry pump worn impeller) to maintain the normal slurry circulation.
The dust content in the flue gas continues to exceed the design allowable amount, which will greatly reduce the desulfurization rate and gradually precipitate the plug inside the pipeline. In addition, the soot and fly ash are alkaline, and when it enters the slurry, the pH of the slurry will rise. Since the pH control during operation is no longer calculated by Ca/S, but only by pH feedback control, the amount of limestone slurry is reduced accordingly, but the dust is not consumed, so the false pH value is increased and the desulfurization efficiency is decreased.