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What is the function of each part of the conventional electric defogger?

What is the function of each part of the conventional electric defogger?

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2018/04/16 01:18
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The electric mist eliminator has high dust removal efficiency and low emission rate. Each part of the wet electricity has unique functions:
1. Shell: Generally, it is a corrosion-resistant material such as steel-lined glass flakes. Divided into vertical structure and horizontal structure. The shape of the housing is divided into a circle and a square. According to the actual situation, it can be set in the upper part of the desulfurization tower, or it can be set separately.
2, intake mode: according to the actual situation can have different settings. Vertical structure: lower intake air, upper air outlet; upper air intake, lower air outlet. Horizontal structure: flat into and out.
3, dust collecting anode plate: the choice of corrosion-resistant materials, various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, according to the actual composition of the medium composition and temperature. Desulfurization flue gas has a large amount of treatment gas, and the anode is generally a plate type and a honeycomb type; the other uses mostly a round tube type and a honeycomb type.
4, discharge cathode: a variety of materials and models are available. Corrosion-resistant materials are selected according to gas conditions, mainly in the following types: stainless steel, lead-bismuth alloy, and titanium alloy.
5. Insulation device: The main heating method is electric heating and hot air heating. Prevent the insulation quartz tube inside the insulation box from dew climbing.
6. Flushing system: intermittent flushing or continuous flushing.
7, in a corrosive gas environment, the shell and internal components must be made of anti-corrosion materials and anti-corrosion treatment.
The electric mist eliminator is generally used for smelting flue gas sulphuric acid, titanium calcining tail gas treatment, chemical plant various acid mist treatment, and is the gas-liquid separation wet method with the least resistance to purifying fluid. The electric defogger has various types such as vertical, horizontal, multi-tube and wire plate. Electric mist eliminators are mostly used in industries such as sulfuric acid. Through the static control device and the DC high voltage generating device, the alternating current is converted into direct current and sent to the demisting device, and a large electric field is formed between the corona wire (cathode) and the acid mist collecting plate (anode), so that the air molecules are Ionization generates a large amount of electrons and positive and negative ions in an instant. These electrons and ions move in an orientated direction under the action of an electric field force, forming a medium for trapping acid mist.