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How does a wet electric mist eliminator work in general?

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2018/04/12 10:51
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Many companies even know a lot of wet electric mist eliminators, but it is not very clear how the wet electric defogger works and what works. Shandong Linyi Zhengxin Electric defogger engineers analyze the wet electric defogger work. principle:
When such a wet gas with suspended particles enters the electric field of the electric filter, since a sufficiently high DC voltage is applied to the corona pole line of the electric filter, a large amount of electrons moving toward the sediment at a high speed are emitted from the corona pole. Under the action of electric field force, high-speed moving electrons collide with neutral molecules at high speed, and one or several outer electrons are emitted from gas molecules. Neutral molecules are converted into positive ions and free electrons. These derived electrons continue under the action of electric field. High-speed movement, impacting new neutral molecules to ionize, and thus rapidly deriving new ions and electrons, avalanche ionization of gas near the corona pole line, forming an ionization zone 2 mm around the electrode line. At the same time, the negatively charged particles and electrons are trapped by the mist particles in the transition zone during the movement of the sedimentary pole. The neutral particles are charged and grown, continue to move toward the sedimentary pole, and finally deposit and electrically neutralize at the sedimentary pole. A gas containing fine suspended seeds, in a tubular wet electric filter, they move in the direction of the axis of the tube, wherein the suspended particles are driven by the flow of the gas, the gravity of the particles themselves, the electric power of the electric field, the friction of the movement of the particles The combined effect of force and electric field force. The movement of charged particles in the electric field is carried out under the combined force of the above several main forces. Therefore, its moving speed is called the drift velocity. For any particular wet type electric filter, when the drift speed is too small, if the gas is ionized, the time required for the particles to charge and the particles to pass between the two poles is longer than the time required for the gas to pass through the entire length of the tube. The suspended particles are escaped. The electric field produces "corona occlusion". Therefore, the magnitude of the drift velocity determines the electric field gas velocity of the electrofilter and the efficiency of defogging. The theoretical value of the drift velocity is calculated as follows: w = 0.11E2 ρ / μ cm / sec
(1) where: w—drift velocity, cm/sec E—electric field strength, volts/cm ρ-particle radius cm W—drift velocity cm/sec μ-gas viscosity g/cm. Seconds (Pois) As seen from the above equation, the drift velocity of a particle is proportional to the square of the electric field strength, the radius of the particle, and inversely proportional to the viscosity of the gas. The electric field strength of any single position in the electric field is calculated as follows: Ex=U/[2. 3xlg(R/r)] volts/cm
(2) where: E - field strength at any position in the electric field, volt / cm U - voltage applied to the corona electrode, volt x - distance from the corona electrode, centimeter lg - based on 10 Logarithm, R—radius of the precipitation pole, centimeter r—radius of the corona electrode, centimeter
A wet electric mist eliminator that contains a substance of steam. When cooled to a certain temperature, the steam condenses into a liquid or a solid, and the wet electric defogger cleans the fine liquid and solid particles suspended in the gas. The wet type is that there are sufficient liquid particles in the medium passing through the electric field and the medium gas is saturated by the liquid vapor. The wet electric mist eliminator is to meet the production process, environmental protection, valuable metal recovery, remove the suspended matter in the gas, and discharge the gas after passing the treatment.