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Why is a wet electrostatic precipitator defogger a good choice?

Why is a wet electrostatic precipitator defogger a good choice?

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2018/04/09 10:47
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With the increasing number of haze days, the emission standards and supervision of coal-fired power plants, steel plants, boilers, waste incineration, building materials, etc. are becoming more and more strict. Wet electrostatic precipitator defoggers are especially important.
Wet electric mist eliminator WESP is a highly efficient flue gas deep purification device for coal-fired power plants, steel plants, small boilers, waste incineration, building materials, etc. It can effectively treat PM2.5 particulate matter (PM0.5, PM10) and SO3 acid mist. , gypsum rain, ammonia aerosol, heavy metal mercury, dioxins, etc., reduce chimney tail feathers, solve the problem of gypsum rain, white smoke, dust and other standards and ultra-clean and ultra-low emissions.
WESP has high dust removal efficiency, low pressure loss, simple operation, low energy consumption, no moving parts, no secondary dust, low maintenance cost, short production downtime, can work below the dew point of flue gas, and can be combined with compact structure. Other flue gas treatment equipments are combined with each other and the design forms are diversified.
The wet electric mist eliminator uses liquid to flush the surface of the dust collecting surface for cleaning, and can effectively collect fine particles (PM2.5 dust, SO3 acid mist, aerosol), heavy metals (Hg, As, Se, Pb, Cr), organic Contaminants (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins), etc. After using the wet electrostatic precipitator, the smoke emission in the wet flue gas can reach 10mg/m or even 5mg/m. The dust collection performance is independent of the dust characteristics. It is suitable for the treatment of wet flue gas, especially suitable for power plants and steel mills. After the desulfurization, the dusty flue gas is treated, but the equipment investment cost is high, and it needs to be used together with other dust removal equipments. The investment technical economy and operating cost should be evaluated from the whole.
At present, the total amount of desulfurization gypsum produced by China's thermal power industry, steel industry and phosphate fertilizer industry is about 140 million tons per year. Limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization occupies the mainstream status of desulfurization. At the same time, a large number of desulfurization gypsums are accompanied. Although desulfurization gypsum is an available resource, there are still a series of desulfurization gypsum treatments. problem. Desulfurization gypsum has a large backlog and has to occupy a large amount of land storage as waste. The long-term accumulation will not only affect the climate, soil and plants, but also bring harm to human health. If you do not take active and effective measures, it will endless troubles. At present, the comprehensive utilization of desulfurization gypsum in China has just started, and there is still a big gap compared with developed countries, and there are many problems.