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What are the definitions and classifications of chemical electric defogger equipment industry?

What are the definitions and classifications of chemical electric defogger equipment industry?

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2018/04/06 01:01
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Chemical Equipment, a general term for machines and equipment used in the chemical industrial production of electric mist eliminators. In chemical production, in order to process raw materials into finished products of certain specifications, a series of chemical processes such as raw material pretreatment, chemical reaction and separation and refining of reaction products are often required. The machinery used to realize these processes is often classified as chemical equipment. .
According to Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, electrical equipment for electric defogger can usually be divided into two categories:
1 chemical machine. Refers to the main moving parts of the moving machinery, such as various filters, crushers, centrifugal separators, rotary kiln, mixers, rotary dryers and fluid conveying machinery.
2 chemical equipment. Refers to machines whose main active parts are stationary or have little movement, such as various containers (tanks, tanks, kettles, etc.), ordinary kiln, towers, reactors, heat exchangers, ordinary dryers, evaporators, reactors , electrolysis tank, crystallization equipment, mass transfer equipment, adsorption equipment, fluidization equipment, common separation equipment and ion exchange equipment.
The division of chemical machinery is not strict. Some fluid transport machinery (such as pumps, fans and compressors) are often referred to as chemical machinery in the chemical industry, but at the same time they are general machinery in various industrial production. In addition to relying on the development of mechanical engineering and materials engineering, the design and manufacture of modern chemical equipment is closely related to the development of chemical engineering and chemical engineering.
When the electric defogger works, it generates an uneven electric field between the yin and yang. Therefore, both poles need to be electrically conductive. Generally, an electrostatic mist eliminator of non-metallic materials such as FRP or polyvinyl chloride adopts a method of conducting electricity by means of a liquid film; a conductive glass reinforced plastic obtained by mixing and compressing FRP and graphite, or a method of adding a carbon fiber mat to an inner layer of a FRP anode; To solve the conductive problem.
The electric demister anode tube plate is now mainly made of plastic, lead and conductive glass steel. Since the plastic electric defogger is electrically conductive by the liquid film, the effective precipitation area changes greatly, and the operating voltage and current are low, the effect is not as good as the latter two; in recent years, the lead anode tube sheet is continuously replaced by the conductive glass reinforced plastic, Light weight, low price, outstanding comprehensive performance and so on. Conductive FRP electric mist eliminators mainly have indicators such as treatment gas volume, total pressure drop and outlet acid mist.