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Chen Yuanshang, Economist and Deputy General Manager of Yangzhou Jintao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chen Yuanshang, Economist and Deputy General Manager of Yangzhou Jintao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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2018/04/11 09:42
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Chen Yuanshang, Economist and Deputy General Manager of Yangzhou Jintao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Two years to produce a "big golden peach"
At the beginning of 2004, the “Golden Peach” that just entered the Jiangyang Industrial Park was only a small enterprise with a production value of several hundred thousand and rented by the factory. At that time, wires were required between the production plant and the management building. According to the normal procedure, high-voltage lines must be laid under the road surface at a cost of about 12,000 yuan. However, considering the actual situation of the enterprise, the park management committee specially approved the enterprise to “break” the road and lay high-voltage lines. This “broken” company only spent more than 1,000 yuan.
In the middle of last year, “Golden Peach” was preparing to build its own factory. However, it is necessary to cover more than 20 official seals in the departments of environmental protection, fire protection, planning, etc., so that the company has a “fog water”; and it is said that the completion of the formalities will be one year at the earliest.
In addition, the management committee came forward and collected all the formalities and certificates of the enterprise repairing the factory. It helped the company to run one unit and let the company free up its energy and engage in production.
Under the careful service of the competent authorities, in just two years, “Golden Peach” has grown into an enterprise with an annual output value of 153 million and sales of more than 100 million.
Going for a move: Big smart and big business
From boss decision to mechanism decision
Why are many companies in Yangzhou stopping at a scale of around 50 million?
Chen Yuanshang, deputy general manager of Jintao Company, said that enterprises with a production value of less than 10 million yuan can implement "flat" management, and everything is decided by the boss; if the enterprise reaches the scale of 50 million or so, the boss must decentralize to the middle level and establish functions. The mode of management is to restrict people by system; when the enterprise develops to a scale of about 100 million, it is necessary to establish a modern enterprise management mode such as the board of directors.
Many bosses can't figure out what companies I have cultivated, why should we let others make decisions? Chen Yuanshang said that this must return to how to deal with the relationship between the "four big four small".
From "outpatient" to "examination"
"As the leading department of the park, we can only cross the river by feeling the stones and learn by doing." Kong Youlin, deputy director of the Economic and Technological Department of Jiangyang Industrial Park Management Committee, said that management enterprises should not have an "institution" style. Otherwise nothing can be done well. Therefore, in addition to fulfilling their normal job duties, there are still many "optional" actions. For example, take the initiative to organize trademark applications, implement brand strategy, financial and other special business lectures for enterprises, and then “send a ride to the company”.
In recent years, the park management committee will launch a high-quality service month event every year, send people into the enterprise research, issue opinions, hold symposiums, then summarize and solve, and the problems of the company's more concentrated reflection, as the next year's management committee Will be the core of the work.
From policy gravitation to new formula gravity
Chen Xiaoxing, deputy director of the Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park Management Committee, said that the chemical industry park has formed a certain foundation and scale. The following must have major developments and breakthroughs. New ideas must be taken, and new ideas must come from ideological liberation. Be smart, you have to make big calculations, seek big breakthroughs, and make big careers.
In terms of attracting investment, the preferential policies of each city are similar. So what do we attract to attract projects? He proposed a formula: project settlement rate = elements of the park / elements of the project × soft environment × market coverage × 100%. In the future, the chemical industry park must constantly develop ideas and actively work on the market and soft environment.
Hot discussion: doing real things to help make a big breakthrough
Do "helper" after the investment
Kong Youlin, the person in charge of the Jiangyang Industrial Park Management Committee, said that the main task of the industrial park is to attract investment. However, after recruiting the business, how to serve the development of the enterprise should become the focus of the work of the industrial park manager.
At the beginning of many enterprises, many industrial enterprises may not reach the standards of the park. At the same time, the park should also be good at discovering whether the company has strong innovation capabilities and whether it has broad market prospects. As long as the park management department can provide practical and specific guidance and services in the process of enterprise development, it can help the company to become bigger and bigger and ultimately promote the development of the regional economy.
There are policies and services
Mr. Liu, the business operator, believes that the completion of the Yangzhou Export Processing Zone will provide new opportunities and platforms for enterprise development. The “one-card system” customs clearance process and 24-hour customs clearance service have greatly reduced the cost of product export. The relevant preferential policies for “four exemptions and one refund” and the related service facilities outside the park should be said to have an export processing enterprise. Strong attraction.
Relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity of development, timely adjust and change the traditional production and export mode of traditional products, and adapt to the development and changes of modern international trade. At the same time, the export processing zone management department must fulfill its commitment to the enterprise, provide comprehensive and efficient services in the park management and ancillary services, and create comfortable supporting facilities for the development of the enterprise. Our reporter Sun Rong trainee reporter Chen Yimu Xiangzhong