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“Yangzhou Golden Peach” wears “mask” for power plant chimney

“Yangzhou Golden Peach” wears “mask” for power plant chimney

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2018/04/01 09:31
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Yangzhou Golden Peach to the power plant chimney wearing a mask
PM2.5 removal rate of more than 90%, has been used in many enterprises
(Reporter Wu Tao) The large chimney of the power plant stands tall and white smoke is emitted from time to time. Compared with the black smoke column, it has been treated with desulfurization and dust removal, but still contains a lot of subtle including PM2.5. particulates. Is there a solution to this problem? The reporter was informed yesterday that a private high-tech enterprise in Yangzhou, Jintao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of equipment - high gas speed electric defogging and dust removal equipment, which can effectively remove PM2.5 and PM10 from power plants and chemical plants. Contaminants such as fine particles and acid mist. "To make an image metaphor, this equipment is to put a 'mask" on the big chimney," said Shao Yongchun, the company's deputy chief engineer.


According to reports, at present, the process flow of the domestic flue gas treatment island of most coal-fired power plant boilers is composed of SCR denitrification, dry electrostatic precipitator and wet desulfurization system. The flue gas is directly discharged into the chimney after desulfurization by wet method. “This treatment method is equivalent to taking a bath for the tail smoke, but it is not really cleaned.” Shao Yongchun explained that after wet desulfurization, a large amount of water vapor is generated, which is surrounded by fine dust and acid mist. In the air, a source of pollution is formed.
“The high-speed electric defogging and dust removal equipment we developed is equivalent to adding a 'brush' to the 'bathing' of the flue gas, which can be further cleaned.” Shao Yongchun said, “We will take the gas velocity of the flue gas from 0.89-1.2 m / s to 3.5 m / s, to meet the requirements of industrial atmospheric flue gas treatment, can effectively remove harmful substances such as fine smoke and acid mist in the flue gas, PM2.5 removal rate can reach 90 %the above."
After the “mask” of the high-speed electric demisting and dust removal equipment is put into the chimney of the power plant and chemical plant, the emitted gas meets the latest national emission standards. According to reports, many enterprises in Fujian have adopted this new technology, and the application effect is remarkable.
It is worth mentioning that through this equipment, the treated sulfur dioxide deposit can be used to make gypsum board, and the soot can be used as a raw material for making cement, which effectively realizes the reuse of exhaust gas. Currently, the technology has been used in Henan and Xinjiang. Hebei and other places have been applied.